Emenda Therapeutics is a state of the art bio-technology splicing company having gained expertise through its Founders in the burgeoning area of control of cell/tissue phenotype via manipulation of mRNA splicing through small molecule administration. Since deranged mRNA splicing is a cardinal feature of many disease phenotypes, Emenda is able to offer a wide-spectrum of disease targets using a common strategy inhibition of paradigm specific splicing kinases which mediate physiology, cell biology, immune function, cell proliferation and differentiation, ultra-structure, survival, cyto-protection, and microvessel growth & permeability in multiple disease states. 

            Emenda is targeting regulators of alternative splicing, a key process driving multiple diseases in high value therapeutic areas of unmet medical need including diabetic complications such as chronic neuropathic pain, cardiovascular and renal diseases and targeted areas in oncology such as acute myeloid leukaemia, lung, breast and colon cancers.

            The Emenda model is to develop systemic splicing regulators from preclinical hit to lead to early phase clinical or IND ready assets, ready for partnering, based on therapeutic area and differentiated by different target candidate profiles.


Prof Lucy Donaldson, FRSB Professor of Sensory Physiology, University of Nottingham
UoN Professor and Founder of Exonate Ltd
Prof David Bates, FRSB- Professor of Oncology, University of Nottingham
Founder and CSO of Exonate Ltd. Director of the Centre for Cancer Sciences, University of Nottingham
Prof Jonathan Morris Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, UNSW, Sydney, Australia
UNSW Professor and Head of Medicinal Chemistry at Exonate Ltd
Prof Steven Harper, FRCP Professor of Renal Medicine, University of Bristol
Founder and Director of Exonate Ltd. Consultant Nephrologist, North Bristol NHS Trust

Contact: info@emendatherapeutics.com